Medicaid Advancing a Healthy Kentucky_Page_01 To view this report in PDF form, click here. A new report by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy provides an in-depth look at Medicaid in Kentucky, the benefits of read more
higher ed cuts 2016 Kentucky is continuing its tumble to the bottom as one of the worst states in funding cuts to higher education, a new report from the Center for Budget and Policy read more
overtime rule An estimated 149,000 salaried Kentucky workers will become entitled to overtime protections under President Obama’s increase to the overtime salary threshold announced today, according to an analysis from the Economic read more
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By Jason Bailey
May 26, 2016
The issue of pensions for Kentucky public employees and teachers is complex, and the two main pension systems — the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System read more
By Dustin Pugel
May 25, 2016
Kentucky has made strides over the last few decades to expand access to quality public preschool. The recent State of Preschool 2015 report points out where Kentucky has made progress read more
By Ashley Spalding
May 24, 2016
Higher education funding issues in Kentucky have been in the news a lot recently — for ranking among the worst in the country for per-student cuts in a new report; read more
By Dustin Pugel
May 23, 2016
Recently released population estimates from the Census show that, over the last five years, Kentucky continues to urbanize. Rural eastern and western counties’ populations have dropped while the “golden triangle” read more